The End of an Era

Making Teaching Opportunities

We stopped by a few of our referrals today, and that turned out really well. At the beginning of the day we didn’t have any teaching appointments, so I said we’ll make a teaching opportunity out of our finding. And it ended up working out! We stopped by one of our referrals who actually lives in the basement of the member’s homes. Which was pretty cool, and it worked out even better because he was just standing out in his driveway when we arrived. So he joined us in our visit with Aman. He was so nice, he and his friend were there and we invited them to church. He said he’s going to come for sure this Sunday, so we’re looking forward to seeing him then! He was also interested in the Book of Mormon so we gave him one and invited him to read it. I was pretty happy with the day, we turned a day of finding into a member present teaching opportunity.

Making Temple Recommend Instructions

Not too much happened today, I was helping some people in the ward with creating instructions to enable the temple recommend expiration notification in member tools. So I threw those together and printed them off. We also had a great lesson with the Davis’ again about thinking Celestial. After that we had some extra time and I felt inspired to go visit some less active members. We stopped by this one guy’s place and he was really nice. He said he hadn’t met with the missionaries in a long time and was glad we stopped by. We’re planning on meeting again next week and doing a lesson. We didn’t really find much success after that, but that’s okay.

The Official News

The call came in today and it’s official, I’m going to be a Zone Leader in Richmond! It’s so weird, cause when we had our three meetings last week, I was told exactly what was gonna happen. Both Elder Evans and were told we would be comps, ZLS, and Technology Specialists, working as office missionaries for our assignment. I don’t feel prepared for what’s to come so hopefully it goes well haha. We’ll be at mission leadership council on Wednesday so I delegated Elder Hanson to do district council. Idk what’s happening with Elder Whipple cause he’s going to MLC too and president told him to pack his bags as well. I guess we’ll both be leaving. There’s a pretty good chance that they’re closing the elders from this area and having the sisters we are ward sharing with take the lead. Just because we have so many missionaries leaving and not enough are coming in to keep all the areas open. But idk, once transfer news comes in on Wednesday for everyone else, we’ll know.

Inspired District Council

Welp, we ran into a dilemma, since we’re all gonna be in MLC for district council, we’re gonna need to make some changes. Cause me and Elder Whipple, Elder Evans, and Sister Write will be at MLC. Leaving our district council with just Elder Hanson, Harmer, and Sister Elkins, and Conte. Which wouldn’t really work very well. It sounds like the other Surrey district was running into the same problem. So the Zone Leaders called up President to see if we can combine our districts together for district council this week. He gave the thumbs up, and we all got on a call together to coordinate that. Now the cool part about this whole experience is that when I counseled with Elder Strong (the other District Leader), we basically had the same thing planned for District Council. So combining district council’s is going to work out really well. I’m glad that the Lord is directing both of us District Leaders to create the most effective council for our districts. If it weren’t for his influence, there was no way we both were going to plan on teaching from Preach My Gospel chapter 1. I had a lot more trouble trying to receive the revelation for district council this week, so I guess this kinda explains it haha. But I’m glad that we’re on the same wave length. Also we got the Zone Leadership transfer board and my companion, Elder Whipple, is gonna be Zone Leader in Kelowna which is pretty sweet!

Spiritual Thought

When I pause, and look back on life, I begin to understand just how much God has directed and helped me. There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be here without his influence. Without his love. Without his infinite understanding. Without his divine guidance. Without the generations of people he inspired to assist in restoring his church back on the earth. Without the sacrifices of those that laid down their lives for our freedom and liberty. Without the trials that have been placed before me to help me learn and grow and become so much more. Without my amazing family that has always been there and supported me.

Without his Son. Who was smitten, abandoned, persecuted, and out of his infinite love, offered himself as a sacrifice for me and everyone who has ever lived. His son who led by his perfect example that inspires millions around the world today. His son, whose light shines forth in the darkness, giving us hope, peace, and strength today. His son, who is right by our side as we experience the storms of life. His son, who knows exactly what those storms are like. Even when we feel like we are alone. When all hope is lost; he’s right by our side ready to embrace us. Ready to lift our burdens. So that we may have a chance, a chance to return with our Father in Heaven again. A chance to experience His great joy and everlasting happiness. A chance to be united with our loved ones for all eternity.