A Companion for a Day A Companion for a Week

First District Council 👥

I had my first district council as a district leader! It suddenly got super duper cold, it was snowing and it dropped to like -15 degrees Celsius. So I ultimately decided to have District Council over Zoom. Just to avoid the unsafe road conditions. Not gonna lie, DC over Zoom sucks, in-person is so much better, but it’s okay we made it work. I wish I was better at holding district council, there’s a lot I need to improve. But some of the members of our district reached out to me and said it was really good. Which was really sweet. So maybe it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be. I’m sure it’ll be a lot better in person next week.

More IT Stuff 👨‍💻

Today was a pretty epic day! I’ve been getting plenty of calls lately fixing phones and all kinds of IT support. I’ve been staying super busy with all the responsibilities I’ve been given. Not gonna lie, it’s been a bit stressful, but I know that I’m never going to be given a trial I can’t overcome. President Gill called the assistants and informed them to inform me that he wants me to be working closer with Elder Yamashita with the imos contact syncing system. So now I gotta figure out all of his code and stuff. That’ll be exciting. Not sure where I’m gonna find the time for all of this stuff, but I’m gonna do my best to make it all work.

Door to Door Finding 🚪

We did some door to door knocking, which I don’t really have very much experience with so that was good. We actually did find someone, he sounded pretty interested, we got his phone number and gave him a pamphlet, hopefully we hear back from him soon! I gotta say the cold makes me really appreciate all the referrals that we have. We can do a lot of our finding from the warmth of our apartment. But I also want to make sure we’re getting out too, so it’s been a good balance.

Sunday Blessings 🙏

Time flies, it’s already Sunday again. The sisters that we’ve been ward sharing with have been crushing it with their missionary work! They had two friends come to church today! One of which we thought was one of our friends… but it’s all good. We were glad we got to chat with him a bit. We also got a call from some missionaries from Edmonton. Apparently one of their members is visiting here in Surrey and she was looking to receive a Priesthood blessing. So we stopped by her house today and gave her a blessing. It was such an awesome experience. We all felt the Spirit so strongly. It was my first time giving a blessing out on the mission. So that’s pretty neat. Her family that she was visiting with was orthodox Christian, but they were so sweet and appreciative that we came over. They seemed like really awesome people, we were happy to have the opportunity to come over. After that we met with the James family again. It’s actually so cool, Brother James is getting the Melchizedek Priesthood, and his son just got the Aaronic Priesthood last week. So we got to see his son pass the sacrament! We had to tell Elder Evans about it cause he was the one that found their family which is actually such a miracle! And now here they are receiving the Priesthood and participating in ordinances, it’s so sweet. We also had one of our friends call ask, asking when we could meet! What!? That never happens. We’re always the one’s asking, anyways, we’ll be meeting with him on Saturday, we’re looking forward to it.

Reflection on this week and the Future

This week has been pretty wack! I’m still processing everything, last week on transfer day I was informed that Elder Day wasn’t going to be my companion and that instead Elder Murphy would be. Elder Murphy is actually going home tomorrow because of a medical condition. He plans on continuing to serve a service mission at home as it’s treated and to come back out after. We were just informed that Elder Whipple will be my new companion and we’ll be picking him up from the ferry tonight. He was in a trio in Port Alberni, but he used to be here in Surrey, so I’ve got to know him a bit. Anyways, this week has been pretty stressful, I’ve had a lot of responsibilities put on me and I’m trying to make sure I fulfill them all. I don’t want to be the one that inhibits this area. So I’ve been communicating and trying to assist the new set of Sisters that we’ve been ward sharing with. I’m the only one that really knows the area, so I feel like it’s all on me to get this all figured out. But it’s okay, things will get better as time goes on. I know that I cannot do it all on my own, I need to rely on the Lord in all that I do. Without the Lord guiding me, things would be a lot worse haha.

Spiritual Thought 🙏

“With men it is impossible, but with God: for with God all things are possible.” -Mark 10:27

I love you all so much! Hopefully something from my emails has been able to help you. I appreciate all your love and support, I couldn’t do it without you!