Canadian Snow & Baptismal Date!

Baptismal Date!! & Faith Q&A 🙏

Today I shared a spiritual thought in district council. I shared some thoughts on seeking spiritual gifts. Much of my thoughts pertaining to that are found in my last email’s spiritual thought. The thought went pretty well. We had some good discussions as a district about it. I wasn’t able to execute my idea as well as I hoped for. But that’s okay, it still went pretty well. We also got Lakshmi set on baptismal date, December 23rd!! So that’s going to be pretty epic! I am excited to meet with her some more. We finished off our day with a Zoom call with the Neesom’s and their friends Ashley and Luis. They watched this Mormonism is not Christianity video and so we helped them understand and clarify our actual beliefs. It actually went pretty well. We just clarified some misunderstandings about God and Jesus Christ, salvation and exaltation, kingdoms of glory, etc. It was quite different from our typical lesson, it was my first time doing something like this. But my companion took the lead and did a great job helping them and clear up their misunderstandings. I threw a couple of my thoughts here and there. At the end I testified of the importance of personal revelation. We can all come to know of the truth and witness that for ourselves directly from Heavenly Father as we study the scriptures and pray. We invited them to read the Book of Mormon; and it was actually really cool cause Ashley said she really liked what I said and will study the Book of Mormon, even before we extended the invitation! Which is super awesome! I’m so glad that what I said made an impact and will help someone to know the truth. Also shoutout to my amazing mom that sent me some Christmas tunes! You’re the best mom!!

John Volken Market & Boston Pizza 🍕

We had another lesson with Lakshmi. We briefly discussed baptism with her and the covenants that we make at baptism. I still have a ways to go in improving my teaching ability; I need to focus on teaching the why and not just the what. But she was super nice, she said that she felt really good. We taught her at the John Volken market. Brother Prasad works there and set it up so that we could teach her at one of the offices. We saw so many members working there! We had no idea, apparently this is where a lot of them work. So that’s pretty sweet! We ended off the night going to Boston Pizza. I may be out of money now, but that pizza was so good!

Snow ❄️

Today I experienced my first Canadian snow!! That was pretty sweet! It was pouring rain like crazy and then it turned to snow. Basically all of our plans to go park finding kinda canceled. So we just continued to message people from inside the apartment. I don’t really like being at the apartment for most of the day, I gotta get out and do something. And some days, most of our day is spent in the apartment with all of our studies and contacts. Luckily the Sakulsingdusi’s called and asked if we could shovel their driveway. They are the members that live above us. So we went outside and started shoveling. After we finished shoveling, they invited us inside and we had some hot chocolate and chat. They are super nice, we also made plans with them to come over for breakfast on Christmas! Which is super sweet of them, we are looking forward to that. We then met with the Davis' again, we helped Sister Davis make cake so that was pretty awesome. I had no idea what I was doing haha, but happy to help.

The Sabbath Day 🙏

Sunday’s are always awesome. The referrals we were hoping to make it to church unfortunately didn’t make it. But it was still really good. Ashley and Luis made it to church again, so that was great! They also were asking for a spanish Book of Mormon which we were able to get to them. After church we met with Lakshmi again, we are so happy for her! She’s definitely ready and feels the Spirit so strongly. Brother Inlayo, the ward mission leader, and his wife were able to join us for the lesson as well. It’s always so fun to include the members in our lessons.

Scripture of the Day:

“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” -1 Corinthians 2:9