Lots of Soup and Transfer News!

The Big Transfer Day

Alrighty ladies and gentleman, this is the big day!! The time was 7:59am, every missionary in British Columbia was hitting refresh on the Google Drive. Time was ticking, and the anticipation is growing… And boom! The new transfer board was up!! After a bit of analysis the news was out. This transfer I’m staying in my assignment Surrey 3rd ward with my trainer Elder Nelson. Honestly that’s about what we expected and I’m pretty cool with that. There actually wasn’t too many changes this transfer.


We met with the Prasad family, it was really awesome. Their son is deaf and the grandparents didn’t know English too well. They are more experienced with the Fiji language. Anyways it was kinda cool cause as we were giving the message brother Prasad was using sign language and communicating with the grandparents in Fijian. So there was all sorts of crazy translation happening!

Quite a different teaching experience

We had a pretty interesting lesson today. We met with Arnold and had a lesson with him and Sister Swetlikof in their garage. Arnold is struggling with addiction in smoking and weed. Teaching a lesson in a situation where the Spirit isn’t being invited is so difficult. It’s interesting cause he wants to be baptized but he can’t cause of his smoking. It’s difficult cause we want to help him but there’s not very much that we can do for him. At the end of the experience I learned more about promised blessings. We have the authority to give people promised blessings but we can’t unless directed by the Spirit. We can promise blessings without the Spirit, but without the Spirit we are basically giving them blessings that might happen. The Spirit is the only one that can truly promise blessings.

Birthdays! 🎉

It was my trainer’s birthday!! Happy birthday Elder Nelson! You’ve taught me so much, I’m glad to have you as my trainer even through all the tough times. We actually had district council on that day and the senior missionaries made cupcakes! It was also another sister’s birthday a couple days ago too, so we celebrated them both.

Institute dinner & Driving Privileges 🚗

We attended a institute dinner and we gotta meet quite a few missionaries post transfer. Also I apparently can use my U.S. driving license here in Canada for 6 months. Sister Chang informed me that they have my Tiwi (driver) card. So that’s pretty cool!

Black Friday Finding 💸

Today was Black Friday so we decided to do some store finding! We first stopped by a trading card store called Zephyr Epic. Too bad it was closed for some tournament in Langley but we did manage to chat with a guy that showed up and realized they were closed too. He just wanted to buy the brand new magic pack but it just so happened to be closed the day it came out. Bummer, but he was nice, had a good chat with my comp about magic. We then stopped by Best Buy and had a look around. Honestly our in store finding efforts are mediocore so we gotta keep working on that, but browsing through Best Buy was still cool.

Volleyball 🏐

We had an epic volleyball night with the youth. Each team was assigned a country… we were with team Italy!! We had a super close game with team U.S.A, but that tie breaker didn’t go in our favor. But that’s all good we did end up winning against Argentina, so that’s pretty sweet! The youth did a fantastic job. We were basically just there to make sure the youth mingle and rotate as a team.

The Priesthood Blessing

Today we had a record breaking 3 lessons… well kind of. We met with a member and it was our first time meeting with them. They’re having a bit of a rough time being but it was good to meet with them. It was also my first time being apart of a Priesthood blessing on the mission, so that was a great experience! Anyways he seems really awesome, he’s definitely on the right track and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help him by sharing the gospel.

Souper Saturday 🍲

After that we helped the relief society take down their stuff for Souper Saturday. They had like 10+ soups there, so that was epic! We also met with the Davis' again, I’m so grateful for them. It’s always a pleasure sharing messages with them and chatting. Paul was talking about the recent SpaceX launch, he got up at 4am to watch that live! That was pretty awesome to hear about.

Spiritual Thought 🙏

Alma 13:28-29 “But that ye would humble yourselves before the Lord, and call on his holy name, and watch and pray continually, that ye may not be tempted above that which ye can bear, and thus be led by the Holy Spirit, becoming humble, meek, submissive, patient, full of love and all long-suffering; Having faith on the Lord; having a hope that ye shall receive eternal life; having the love of God always in your hearts, that ye may be lifted up at the lasst day and enter into his rest.”

Also I’m so sorry I am the worst at taking pictures. I’ll be sure to get some more!