Magic the Gathering & The Exchange Experience Pt. 2

Lesson Leading πŸ’ͺ & Indian Food πŸ›

We began our exchanges with the district leader. Currently I am with his companion. So far it’s been a phenomenal experience. There’s something magical that happens during exchanges. It’s like God’s time to really have you learn and grow. This was my first time leading a lesson and it went really well. That was probably the best lesson that I’ve taught thus far. I’m so happy to see that improvement. It killed me cause I knew that I was fully capable of doing it, I just wasn’t there yet. So I’m glad to see that growth and improvement. It was also my first time having some Indian food, so that was a pretty cool experience! I was looking for my fork and spoon and my companion was like, “oh your looking for a fork and spoon… yeahh your not really going to use those.” Yeah you use those fancy tortilla things to eat which is pretty cool.

Leaving the Area & Magic the Gathering πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Today was one wacky day. It all began when we left to go finding at the muesum of Surrey. Now don’t let that name deceive you. Most would assume that the museum of Surrey is in Surrey. However that’s not the case. So we might have accidentally left our area… πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ But it’s totally cool cause on the way back we happened to bump into Elder Bultsma and Elder Sachadina. That’s when we the realization set in that we were outside of our area. We were like wait a minute, why are the other Elders here? Then we were like, oh shoot haha. It’s all good, Elder Bultsma gave us the okay since he’s the district leader. Anyways they were checking out this trading card game store. We stopped by and my comp got some epic Magic the Gathering booster packs. Yeah we got some magic the gathering fans on the mish! I personally haven’t gotten into it yet, but I may in the future.

The Busing 🚍 Experience + Wonderful Weather β˜”οΈ

We started exchanges again and now I’m with Elder Bultsma. He doesn’t have driving privileges so we had to take the bus for transportation. You know looking back on this whole busing and walking experience, it really makes me apprieciate the vehicles that we’ve been given even more. I believe the drive to the lesson would’ve been 14 minutes. Taking the bus turned that into an hour. But that’s okay, the busing experience itself was totally good. The difficult part was really the weather. Rain + wind = struggle, but hey we made it to our destination safely!

Door KnockingπŸšͺand the Bathroom Fire πŸ”₯

We had a very memorable door knocking experience. Elder Bultsma was showing me the ropes. The very first door that we knocked the person answered and was interested. The crazy part was that just last night it was super windy. In fact so windy that trees were getting blown on top of powerlines. Needless to say many people had power outages. Apparently the person we were talking to had a candle lit in her bathroom. She had the window up so the wind caused the candle to catch fire to something. Now with the power being out, the fire alarm never went off. She discovered the fire that morning and took percautions to get it out. The fire department was just there before us, so that was crazy. Anyways I believe we were at the right place at the right time and now she wants to learn more, so that’s pretty exciting!

Boiled Eggs + Pancakes = Fire alarm 🚨

I gotta say this morning reserves the top spot for the wackiest morning that we’ve had on the mission. It all started when we began making lunch. My companion was making pancakes and I was making boiled egges. Everything was going great till suddenly beep…beep!! Yeah… the combined forces of the pancakes and the boiled eggs caused the smoke detectore to go nuts! Whoops, before we knew it the entire kitchen and most of the apartment was covered in haze from the cooking. We have a pretty small apartment so I guess that made it a lot easier. Anyways we opened the window and the door and successfully got the alarm to stop.

Spiritual Message of the Day πŸ™

With the passing of President M. Russel Ballard I listened to his last general conference talk and I recommend you to do the same. His message is simple yet profound and a deep expression of gratitude and love. He states, “I marvel, and I’m sure that many of you do too, at how blessed we are to know what we know about our purpose in life, why we are here, what we should be trying to do and accomplish in our daily lives.” We are so incredibly blessed to have this gospel. Cherish it, gain spiritual nourishment from it, and share it with others.