Welcome to Spiritual Hogwarts

Welcome to Spiritual Hogwarts!! This week so far has been absolutely crazy! So sorry for missing my last email, time works differently in the MTC. 😂 The whole mission thing didn’t feel real till I was being dropped off. I’m super sad to be leaving my family, but I know that it’s for a much greater purpose.

Our district is S tier!! Best district we could ever ask for! Our dorm goes wild, we have so many one liners and inside jokes! Look out for them peepin Wizards from Isaiah! Me and my comp are droppin quotes from Thor Ragnorok, Lego Batman, and the Dark Knight. Just like the famous words of Joker, “It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message,” President Nelson declared that paying tithing is “not about the money.” So that’s pretty good!

We are supposed to do teaching appointments. It’s kinda like a mock teaching lesson thingy where we practice teaching somebody the gospel. But the guy we were supposed to teach called in sick while we were at home MTC. And then we had another appointment yesterday… and he didn’t show up. So me and my companion were losing faith that were ever going to get an appointment with this guy. But we had another appointment scheduled for today, and it was also our P-day; so we weren’t too excited to get dressed in our church clothes just to go to this appointment where this guy probably won’t even show up. We got dressed, headed over and we were both shocked that he was already there. So we said a quick prayer and did our lesson. With all things considered I think the lesson went pretty well. We felt the Spirit while teaching, and we’re hoping he did too. However we didn’t ask him very much questions or get to know him as much as we should’ve. But I’m glad we taught with the Spirit, cause that’s the most important thing.

The night before the General Conference Sunday sesh, our dorm had a suuppperr in depth 40 minute discussion about the Kingdoms of Glory. Let’s just say we went way too far in our discussion… However when President Nelson made his surprise appearance, (what!!? The whole MTC was shocked when it was announced) he answered that very question!! Let me preface this by saying that none of us thought it would be answered, it’s such a specific question that at the time seemed like it didn’t matter too much. Our question was that after judgement would it be possible to progress through the Kingdoms of Glory? Again, super duper specific. Buuuut President Nelson came in clutch and dropped some bangers! He talked about how you receive a resurrected body based on the Kingdom’s laws that you live. Bro literally answered our question in one sentence. So that was like the coolest thing.

MTC so far has been pretty good, the first few days were rough, but now we’re in the groove it’s not too bad. My only complaint is the absolutely massive cafeteria lines. Apparently we are the largest group that’s come into the MTC since 2013. So there’s waaayyy more people, after you wait 30 to 40 minutes in line, finding seats is the next nightmare. But other than that, the whole MTC experience has been pretty good. Our amazing teachers and district really make the whole experience so much better.

Elder Coles and Madsen both have harmonicas, and there’s like a whole harmonica crew in the MTC! Super epic stuff! We were talking about instruments that we can play, and my comp said he could play the kazoo. So I made a special request to my parents for kazoos, annnnddd now we got a kazoo harmonica band!! Shout out to my epic parents for all the amazing loot boxes sent to us!! You guys are so awesome! Best family I could ever ask for! Wish I could talk to you guys more.