Farewell My Great Friend

Action-packed Exchange 🤯

Today was an action-packed day of missionary work. It was awesome! Quite busy, but still pretty great. We began exchanges after district council and I’m with Elder Bracket now here in Richmond. Now I gotta tell you, something special happens when you go on exchanges. God puts more people in your path than usual; exchanges are always a great learning experience. After we did a buncha contacts we decided to go visit the park briefly, we didn’t have too much time because we had service right after. So we needed to quickly drive there, and quickly drive back home to get into service clothes. But I felt the need to go park contacting, especially because we are on an exchange and I’m trying to increase the learning opportunity. At the park we met this super nice lady from Hong Kong. She has a Christian background and recently moved here to visit with some family. We had a good chat with her about religion, and she was very interested in coming to church. We gave her the details and we basically just headed back home right after that. It’s crazy that we just met her right off the bat, and that’s why we needed to go to the park. Even if we were only there for 15 minutes. The service went well too, and on our way back we received a call from one of the members who needed help moving a piano into his apartment. We ran straight home, quickly changed into proselytizing clothes and were right over. We successfully got the super-duper heavy piano moved with all of the amazing help from the faithful members. Right after that we headed over to the church with a lesson with our friend Tom. Luckily the member that we were going to have join us for that lesson, Brother Kapoor was there with us moving the piano. So we just basically walked over to the church with him. After Which we had a great lesson, teaching the Word of Wisdom, with great insights and personal testimonies from Brother Kapoor. You know, God is definitely in all of the details. All the times for everything lined up and we were busy all day, jumping from one thing to another. But we had every opportunity to serve and each opportunity didn’t overlap the others. I’m glad for the opportunity that I have to be a part of this great work and to be able to witness the Lord’s hand each day! We all serve and are a part of this work in some way. Whether we are missionaries or not, God’s hand is in our lives each day, whether we see it or not. We just need to look for it, and we will find those opportunities and find God’s hand!

Interview Stuff 🫡

Interviews happened, and that was pretty good. Since Elder Evans is going home he had a 30 minute interview with both President and Sister Gill. And he said that was pretty good, they went over a lot of things and kept coming back to education. President Gill really is encouraging Elder Evans to try to begin his studies at BYU sooner but his plan currently is do some pathways when he gets to England and then go to BYU after. So we’ll see what happens. They talked about all of his companions, what he’s learned from them, marriage, and goals after the mission. Quite a lot to unpack in 30 minutes, but it sounded like it was pretty good. My interview was 15 minutes with just President Gill. It wasn’t anything too crazy. He was asking me what he should do, if he should reset the zone leader area or not. Now with Richmond he told Elder Evans that he would never reset it. Which now that he’s feeling the need for it, is kind of a big deal. I thought about it for a second and told him that if he needs to reset it, I believe the area and our friends would be fine. We’ll just need to communicate with the missionaries coming in what needs to happen with the area and the zone leader assignment. He said he’s thinking about moving the tech area and he’s not sure where it’s going to be yet. He also added that he’s been praying about my next companion and he’s had a few impressions, but he said that they weren’t on the list of suggestions that we put together. President was also telling me that I will be training another missionary on the technology assignment. He said that he needs me to get them all the way up to speed with the assignment so he can move me around wherever I need to be and not be dependent on the assignment. Which is a little bit different from my last interview where he basically asked me if I’d be okay not seeing the rest of the mission. I told him we were working on the documentation for the assignment, so hopefully anyone can come in and take the reigns. He also reassured me that even though I may not be a Zone Leader next transfer, he said he knows I can definitely do the Zone Leader assignment. Honestly, I don’t really care for the Zone Leader title. I know there’s quite a few missionaries and people that make it look like you stand out because of it. But realistically with that assignment, you are below everyone else so you can serve and raise them up. Anyways, interviews we’re pretty good, I always look forward to seeing President and Sister Gill and working with them.

Airport Finding 🛩

We met this guy that just arrived to Richmond for an inter-faith event at the airport while we were picking up some Elders so that was pretty awesome! He was super nice, and he shared his story of overcoming addiction and coming unto Jesus which was nice to hear. We offered the Book of Mormon as a gift for meeting him, and briefly explained what it is. He wasn’t interested, but we got a picture with him and he wants to keep in touch with us. So that will be pretty sweet.

My Bye-bye Note to Elder Evans 😢

As the prophets of old put it in the Book of Mormon, “I cannot write the hundredth part, that which I feel” in having the opportunity to serve with you Elder Evans. I wish that I was better at words, or even a “words-smith” like you so that I can better convey the deepest feelings I have. You are the greatest, most hard-working missionary I know. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t fill your-self with regrets, the Lord is so proud of all the amazing work that you’ve done in British Columbia. I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it, those we serve around felt it too. Two years can’t be compared to the impact that you’ve made for eternity. The Lord has blessed my life with amazing people that will change it forever. You are one of those people, and I’m not the only one. You’ve changed the lives of countless people here in British Columbia. Even though we may have only served with each other over the course of a few months I know that it “worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;” I know that I will remember and reflect on the experiences and things that I learned time and time again for the rest of my life. To all the great and gloriously filled spiritual adventures that we had together. To the highs and lows that we faced. To the rejection, growth, and acceptance. To the long days, and our travels. To laying the foundation and planting the seeds for the next generations. To laboring with you for the salvation of God’s sacred children. I’m not good with goodbyes, and I know that this is not the end. As our friendship flowed before this life, it will flow far into the future. Farewell my great friend, till we meet again.

I also made a video for Elder Evans, you can find it here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/eu7gEdbHadLAPSQW6